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Michael Brown Question Incites Beating On Train (Video)

A 43-year-old white man was assaulted by a group of black men on a St. Louis, Missouri, MetroLink train after they asked him his thoughts on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last year. The attack was reportedly unprovoked.

The assault was caught on video by Facebook user Twan Davis, The Blaze reports, and features strong language and violence. The fight that erupted between the group of black men and the white male begins at 1:40 into the video, embedded below.

The white male victim told police he was initially asked by the suspect in the red shirt and hat for his cellphone, and he refused to give it to him.

The man in the red shirt and hat then asked him what he thought of the Michael Brown situation.

The victim responded that he had not put much thought into it, and that is when the man started beating him.

The suspect repeatedly punches the seated victim as he tries to protect himself by holding his arms up by his head. A second attacker, wearing a gray sweatshirt, punches the victim once, before the man in the red hat punches him again and delivers a kick.

The attack suspects then exit the train.

A security guard on the station platform witnessed the attack, reports KTVI. He also saw the suspects run from the MetroLink platform.

The incident was captured on the station’s surveillance camera. 

St. Louis police are searching for three suspects:

• Suspect #1: Black male, 20-25 years old, wearing a red T-shirt

• Suspect #2: Black male, 18-22 years old

• Suspect #3: Black male, 18-22-years old

The following images of the suspects were released from the trains’s surveillance video.

Image placeholder title
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Sources: The Blaze, KTVI / Photo Source: The Blaze


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