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Michael Boggan Gets Fingers Blown Off From Bomb Built by Teens (Video)

Some unidentified teens allegedly threw a small bomb, disguised as golf ball, at Michael Boggan on Friday afternoon (video below).

As Michael picked the ball up, it exploded.

The homemade bomb injured his legs and blew away most of his fingers.

Michael's mother, Rebecca Boggan, wants the main teen prankster to be charged with attempted murder.

Michael, who is autistic, was trying to be friends with the group of boys when he unwittingly took the homemade bomb in his hands, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. The bomb was reportedly made of ball bearings and white powder.

The 15-year-old had to have nine hours of surgery after the explosion.

"Horrific injuries. His hands are just bones and skin and he just kept saying 'wake me up, wake me up" said Rebecca. "I want the main offender to be charged with attempted murder. Look what they have done. Co-operate with police."

The three teens -- ages 15 to 18 -- who allegedly gave Michael the bomb were also taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

“[Michael] is done with the friendship now, he’s had enough,” Rebecca toldThe Courier-Mail. “I’d love to know what the other boy has to say for himself though."

“I looked at my hands and I was like, ‘Tell me this is a dream, please tell me this is a dream,’” said Michael.

Doctors are going to use skin from his stomach and thighs to graft onto his hands.

“He would come home sometimes and he had been in fights with other kids and he’s come home angry ... because no one liked him and they just kept treating him like crap,”  Michael's stepfather Michael Clifton told The Courier-Mail. “These teenagers have no moral compass.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald. and The Courier-Mail


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