Children Reportedly Beaten Up By SWAT Team During Raid (Video)


A SWAT team raided a Miami, Florida home and allegedly beat up a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old. Now, the family is taking legal action.

Reports say that 12-year-old Aaron McClendon was home alone with his brother and his 13-year-old cousin when SWAT officers ransacked the house around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning. The officers reportedly forced their way in through a back door near the kitchen and proceeded to assault the 13-year-old.

“They tell him, ‘Get down! Get down! Get down!’” said Bobby McClendon, Aaron’s father. “He’s looking for a spot to get down at; they hit him on top of the head with their rifles.”

The officers proceeded to barge into Aaron’s room, wake him up, and allegedly punch him in the eye.

“It’s kind of strange how they would be so aggressive to children who aren’t aggressive,” said McClendon.

McClendon claims that police raided the wrong home because the address on the warrant was different than his, but Miami Police Major Delrish Moss disputes that claim.

According to NBC Miami, the address on the warrant reads: 3744 Williams Avenue. The home that was raided was at 3844 Thomas Avenue.

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“They’re disturbing,” said Moss of the boys’ injuries. “Kids shouldn’t be harmed in these instances. A lot happened there. We’re trying to see if the force that was used, who used force, what force was used, and why. The police officers went in to do their jobs. If they did it the wrong way, the appropriate punishment will be dealt.”

Bobby McClendon says his family has documented all of the injuries that the young boys have because of the raid and maintains that they plan to take legal action. The Miami Police are currently investigating the incident.

Sources: NBC Miami, Local 10 News


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