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Miami Police Probe 'Trunking,' Dog Fights in Car Trunks While Driving (Video)

An unidentified person recently called Miami-Dade County Animal Services to report a pet owner in Goulds, Florida, who was "trunking," which is placing dogs in car trunks and driving as they fight inside (video below).

Miami-Dade County Animal Services found five adult dogs and four puppies crated. Sadly, many dogs are killed during "trunking" and tossed out on the road.

"The kennels did not have any water, food, or adequate shelter," said Luis Salgado of Miami-Dade County Animal Services told "They were in feces and urine so the conditions were pretty bad."

The dogs injuries included: scars, open wounds, teeth marks, broken ankle, and one damaged eye, reports

"[They] put the dogs in the trunk, lock it up, and they run around, put the music on very, very loud so no one can hear it," said Dahlia Canes, of the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. "After 10 or 15 minutes, they stop. The dead dog they throw out and the winner keeps going with it."

The perpetrators have not been caught yet.

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