Miami Police Fired 377 Bullets at Two Unarmed Men in Neighborhood (Video)

On Dec, 10, 2013, twenty-three police officers fired 377 bullets at two unarmed men inside a blue Volvo, which law enforcement had surrounded in a residential Miami, Fla., neighborhood.

According to a new report by CBS Miami, the gunfire was so intense that police were actually shooting at each other (video below).

Two police officers were wounded the gunfire, while the two men inside the car were killed.

Bullets reportedly hit local businesses and homes during the chaos.

“We have the vehicle confined,” said one police supervisor over the radio. “The officers need to pay attention to the radios, they are not listening."

A police dispatcher added, “Units pay attention. Please listen to your radios.”

The wild incident began earlier when Adrian Montesano, driver of the Volvo, allegedly robbed a Walgreens, held a woman at gun point in the store and, later, shot Officer Saul Rodriguez, noted the Miami Herald.

Montesano jumped in Rodriguez's police car and drove to his grandmother's house where he got her blue Volvo and fled.

When police found the blue Volvo, they chased the vehicle into a neighborhood where it became wedged between a light pole and a tree.

Police surrounded the car on both sides and reportedly opened fire from opposite directions.

After 50 bullets were fired, The Atlantic notes that the now-unarmed Montesano and his unarmed, innocent passenger Corsini Valdes tried to give themselves up.

“They were saying put your hands up, and the guys were still moving after they shot maybe 50, 60 times,” witness Anthony Vandiver recalled. “And the guy tried to put his hands up. And as soon as he put his hands up, it erupted again. And that was it for them. That guy tried his best to give up.”

The mass shooting began again and lasted for 25 seconds, non-stop.

Montesano and Valdes were killed by the dozens of bullets, while two Miami Dade police officers were hit in the crossfire and another two officers sustained ruptured ear drums from the noise of the gunfire.

Finally, a police supervisor is heard on the police radio putting an end to the chaos, "Have all units stand down in that inner perimeter, hold it for SRT, let’s give service to that officer that’s injured right now. Get out of the way, let fire rescue get in there and let SRT take that inner perimeter.”

The mass shooting is being reviewed by the Florida State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Dade Police Department.

Sources: CBS Miami, The Atlantic, Miami Herald


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