Miami Police Armed With Grenade Launchers, Military Helicopters (Video)


Police in Miami, Fla., are armed to the teeth and ready for battle, literally.

The federal government's 1033 Program has brought tons of military weapons to the city, invoking disturbing images of Ferguson, Mo.

Miami-Dade County has acquired 250 assault rifles, two military helicopters, four trucks that can withstand land mines and five grenade launchers, notes CBS Miami (video below).

“Grenade launchers are also used to launch smoke and tear gas," Ray Martinez, a former police chief in Miami Beach, told CBS Miami. "They are not launching fragmentation grenades."

“The old analogy of bringing a knife to a gun fight," added Martinez. "A lot of the times law enforcement has been outgunned. You usually carry a handgun and a couple of magazines. A lot of these guys are coming with high-powered weapons and even bombs.”

However, most major cities do have a bomb squad and a SWAT team.

“We don’t have the luxury of calling in the military or Seal Team 6 to handle that for us," stated Martinez. "I wish we could but we are the last line of defense."

However, Martinez failed to mention that local police can (and often do) call in the FBI, ATF and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, if needed.

When asked if military weapons should be used against civil disobedience, Martinez who spent 35 years in law enforcement, couldn't answer.

“That’s a hard question and I don’t want to second guess what’s going on,” stated Martinez.

While the police in Miami arm themselves with military weapons, many residents lack basic needs such as food.

Over one thousand Miami residents stood in line today for over an hour just to get free food.

The charity organization Farm Share handed out baskets of food worth $150 each to 1,500 Miami residents at a local grocery store.

Five people had to be taken to a local hospital for heat exhaustion, while more were treated on the scene, noted

Sources:, CBS Miami


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