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Miami Man Chokes ‘Possessed’ Roommate, Murders Her Cat

A Miami man was arrested for animal cruelty and battery on a person over 65 after he allegedly went on a rampage Thursday, Miami-Dade police said.

Joshua Diaz, 24, was charges with animal cruelty, battery and battery on a person over 65 after an incident late Thursday.

He allegedly choked his 72-year-old roommate Elanor Wallace in their Kendall home until she lost consciousness, according to the police report. Wallace said she gave him a place to say because he’s a “fellow Christian.”

"He was homeless," Wallace told WPLG-TV. "He didn't have a place to stay. I thought I was being loving and kind."

Over time she says she saw a different side of Diaz.

"He would go into a rage, but a rage where his eyes would look like fire, and his face would contort and he would hiss," she said.

“He went completely berserk,” she told WTVJ-TV of the Thursday incident.

She says Diaz killed their cat with his bare hands.

“He literally beat it 15 times on the floor upstairs,” Wallace.

The cat’s body was discovered in a trashcan, police said. Then he allegedly turned the violence on Wallace.

“He squeezed and squeezed and I felt – I felt myself dying,” she said.

She lost consciousness and woke up a few minutes later. She says Diaz was on top of her trying to revive her.

"He told me, 'If you cry... If I see even a tear or fear in your eyes, I will kill you right now,'" she added.

Diaz denied beating Wallace and told police that she is “possessed.”

According to the police report, he admitted to killing the feline because it scratched his head.

“My uncle will most definitely give me a place to live,” Diaz told a judge Friday.

“Your uncle doesn’t have any cats, does he?” Judge Stacy D. Glick asked.

Diaz was being held on $5,000 bond Friday.


Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Chris Erwin


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