Miami Fisherman Mark Quartiano Snares 800-Pound 'Dinosaur' Skate Fish, Then Releases It Back Into Sea


A Florida fishing boat captain reeled in the catch of a lifetime over the weekend. Mark Quartiano, aka “Mark the Shark” as he is known around Miami, caught an 800-pound, 14-foot rarely-seen hookskate fish — and then released it back into the water because he said it was too big for dinner.

“Stingrays are usually pretty good to eat, but this one as table fare? I don’t know how that would work out,” said the fisherman, who described the fish as a “dinosaur.”

“The Shark” has courted controversy with earlier deep sea exploits, once posting a photos online of actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell who along with her children snagged several now-endangered hammerhead sharks on one of the captain’s chartered expeditions.

The Dactylobatus clarkii, which is the scientific name for the hookskate, is known to swim as deep as 1,000 feet. Quartiano caught his in about 500 feet of water off the Miami Beach coastline.

“I’ve caught one like it before, but never that size, not in the last 30 years I’ve been doing this,” Quartiano said to ABC News. “It’s a very rare fish. It’s like a big gigantic whipping stingray. It’s a dinosaur.”

SOURCES: ABC News, Huffington Post


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