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Miami Dolphins Player Receives Unexpected Package After Act Of Kindness To Woman In Store

Walt Aikens, a free safety for the NFL's Miami Dolphins, just thought he was being nice when he paid for a woman’s shopping at Wal-Mart after she offered to help him out.

Aikens was at the store on Christmas Eve but decided to carry his things rather than use a cart while he shopped, TheBlaze reported.

After waiting in line for some time, the woman asked him if he wanted to use her cart as he was struggling to balance everything in his arms.

Although he declined at first, the woman asked a second time.

“This time I accepted because the line was moving nowhere near as fast as it was when I had first gotten in line,” Aikens told TheBlaze. “I was very thankful and appreciated her generosity.”

As a gesture of goodwill, Aikens paid for the woman’s cookie-baking supplies.

The woman thanked him, before asking him for his address so she could send him a package when the cookies were baked.

“I’m not sure if you remember me,” the woman wrote in a card that she hand delivered with a box of cookies to Aikens’ apartment Dec. 28. “I just wanted to tell you again, thank you so much. Your mom i’m sure is very proud of you. Not only are you a professional football player for the Miami Dolphins, but most of all, a wonderful kind person, too.”

Aikens did not expect the call from the man on reception to tell him a package had arrived addressed to him.

“Today when I got this package of cookies and other treats hand delivered from the lady, it caught me off guard and showed me that manners and being kind to others can go a long way. This really made my day because I had forgotten about her saying she was [going] to send me cookies,” Aikens told TheBlaze. “Honestly, I was just being nice and did not expect any favor in return because treating people the right way is just how my parents raised me.”

Aikens was drafted by the Dolphins in 2014. Along with the rest of his team, he took Dec. 25 off from training to celebrate Christmas ahead of the Dolphins' game against Indianapolis Dec. 27, the Miami Herald reported.

Sources: TheBlaze, Miami Herald / Photo credit: TheBlaze

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