Miami Company Allegedly Forced Employees to Practice Scientology

A company that offers medical services has reportedly required its workers to practice and learn Scientology rituals, including bizarre ones like screaming at ashtrays or staring at someone for hours.

The company, Dynamic Medical Services, offers physical therapy and chiropractic services. It forced its employees to spend their time studying Scientology. They fired at least two people who refused to partake in the activities.

A complaint was filed from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which said that the company forced Rommy Sanchez, an employee, to submit to an "audit," which is a type of Scientology counseling session. The audit involved Sanchez being connected to an electronic device called an e-meter.

Dr. Dennis Nobbe, the company's owner, also had her go through a "purification" ritual at the church.

Sanchez was fired for refusing to do any more activities, along with her co-worker Norma Rodriguez. 

A statement released by the company calls the charges "baseless allegations."

Robert Weisberg, attorney for the EEOC, said, "Employees' freedom from religious coercion at the workplace must be protected."

Malcolm Medley, the EEOC's district director, said, "When an employer makes an employment decision based on employees' failure to adopt the employer's religious beliefs, it violates federal law. The EEOC will act vigorously to protect the rights of workers who are subjected to religious harassment and coercion in the workplace."

Sources: NY Daily News, ABC


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