Miami Beach Police Shoot, Kill Shirtless Bank Robbery Suspect (Video)


Police in Miami Beach, Florida, shot and killed David Winesett, a 51-year-old bank robbery suspect, on Dec. 5 (video below).

Winesett allegedly escaped from a halfway house, and traveled to a Bank of America where he told a teller he was armed with a bomb. The shirtless man didn't get any money for his effort, walked to a nearby barbershop, armed himself with a straight razor and was confronted outside by police, reports the Miami Herald.

Marcellus Johnson filmed the scene, showing officers surrounding Winesett who stood next to a police car moments before he was fatally shot.

Johnson added this caption with the video on Instagram: "Miami Beach Police Officers tried to talk him down, but he just wouldn't cooperate. Early morning shenanigans on Miami Beach. I just want my coffee with 3 creams and 3 sugars."

"I know that there are videos out there in the media," Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates told WPTV. "If you slow those videos down carefully, you will see that the weapon is raised at the moment at which the shot takes place."

Winesett reportedly had prior convictions for two bank robberies.

WARNING: Graphic video.

Sources: WPTV, Instagram, Miami Herald / Photo credit: Marcellus Johnson/Instagram Screenshot

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