Miami Airport Concourse Shut Down Due to Grenade-Shaped Lighter


Miami International Airport's Concourse D was temporarily shut down on Thursday because a passenger attempted to take a grenade-shaped lighter onto his flight.

Transportation Security Administration officials saw the item in his luggage when he went through screening, and quickly stopped the man at checkpoint 3 area. 

"I asked what the problem was and they refused to tell me," the passenger said. 

They soon discovered the item was just a cigarette lighter, but they confiscated it and questioned the man.

The man said it was all an honest mistake and that the lighter had made its way through Boston airport without a problem.

"It's a lighter that I had for everlasting years and I came from Boston with it and I wasn't stopped and I forgot the lighter was in there," he said.

Mid-interview, police took him to be questioned. 

TSA warns travelers that they should not carry novelty items that look like weapons.

"It isn't illegal to purchase these types of novelty items. They sell them out there, but they are just not compatible to airport screening," Miami Airport's Lauren Stover said.

CBS has reached out to TSA in Boston to find out why the grenade-shaped lighter was able to get past security, but have not received an answer.

Sources: CBS, Miami Herald


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