Mhai Scott Shot to Death by Police at Costco (Video)

Worker Mhai Scott was shot and killed by police in a Sterling, Virginia, Costco store on Wednesday after she allegedly brandished a knife and scissors (video below).

Scott was accused of frightening her supervisor and fellow employees. According to the police report, she refused to comply when police officers arrived.

Scott worked for Costco contractor Club Demonstration Services and served pizza samples. One witness said that Scott became agitated when she ran out of samples.

When police arrived, they tried to use a taser, but it “did not work,” so they fired multiple shots in the crowded store.

Scott was not armed with a gun, but one of the police officers got shot in his leg during the gunfire, according to NBC Washington.

Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman refused to place blame for the accidental wounding.

“Everybody’s been interviewed, the deputy’s been interviewed, and every bit of evidence at the scene is being analyzed,” said Sheriff Chapman. “Preliminary indications are that she came at the deputies with a knife."

However, Nora Lateef, a customer, said Scott was upset because the store had her giving out pizza samples that Costco did not sell, but added: "She is very calm. She's not incoherent."

Source: NBC Washington


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