Mexico President Right on Reinstating Assault Weapons Ban


WASHINGTON --- Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, issued this statement today in response to Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s challenge to a joint meeting of Congress Thursday, May 20:

“When Mexican President Felipe Calderon asked a packed chamber of Congress to ‘consider reinstating the assault weapons ban’ to choke off the supply of these weapons to criminals, he spoke not only for the people of Mexico who have endured merciless violence because of our weak gun laws, but also for the tens of thousands of Americans who are killed and injured every year from gunfire.”

“When President Calderon spoke, he did so with moral urgency and poked a finger in the eye of bloodthirsty drug cartels that have shown they are willing to kill high government officials for their profits. We hope that President Obama and Congress will demonstrate a similar profile in courage by adopting new restrictions on military-style assault weapons to replace those that expired in 2004.”


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