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Mexico Files Official Extradition Request For Bruce Beresford-Redman

If Mexico had just paid a little more attention to Bruce Beresford-Redman they would not have to be going through this right now, but they are. Mexico has finally issued a request for the extradition of the former Survivor producer who has been charged in Mexico with the murder of his wife Monica. She was found in a sewer close to the couple's hotel room.

I remember reading that this was the first vacation for the couple. You would think she would think something was up when first, her a-hole of a husband suggested a vacation for the first time ever, and second that he wanted her to increase her life insurance before they went. All kinds of alarm bells would be going off in my head.

I still also want to know how the guy managed to get back into the US. A hearing is supposed to be held soon about Mexico's request but you know he is going to fight this and drag it out for years even if he is ordered extradited.

He has previously denied any part in the killing. OJ believed him.


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