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'Are You Afraid Of Spiders': Worker Films Video Of Spider-Filled Home (Video)

An incredibly terrifying video of a house overrun with spiders has struck fear in Internet users.

Mikel Maas, a worker in Mexico City, captured the spider-filled home on video and uploaded it to Facebook. According to Maas, he filmed the spiders during his shift.

“Are you afraid of spiders?” the caption reads. “Check this.”

Thousands of spiders can be seen crawling across the room. At several points throughout the video, a ball of spiders seems to fall from the ceiling. Some of the spiders fell onto Maas’ head and back, though he claimed they were harmless.

“The risks I run at work,” Maas said. “In the office and outside of it!”

Many have suggested that the footage is like a scene from a horror movie. 

Sources: Mirror, Telegraph / Photo Credit: Telegraph


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