Mexican Man Attempts Prison Escape in Wife's Suitcase

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You can't blame a guy for trying. A man attempted to escape a Mexican prison by hiding in his wife's suitcase. They were caught, and now she could join her husband behind bars.

Juan Ramirez Tijerina had just had a conjugal visit with his 19-year-old common-law wife Maria del mar Arjona over the weekend when he decided to go home with her. He managed to climb into her suitcase, the New York Daily News reports.

But when she tried to leave the prison in Chetumal, guards noticed she was struggling to wheel the suitcase. Also, it looked kind of bulky and she looked kind of nervous.

So they opened the bag to find Tijerina curled into a fetal position inside.

Arjona cold face charges in the attempted escape.

Tijerina is serving 20-years for illegal weapons possession.


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