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Illegal Immigrant Married American Then Killed Her

A bigamist illegal immigrant stands accused of murdering his American wife with the help of his Mexican wife.

Authorities claim that Mexican citizen Francisco Valdivia, 37, married American citizen Cecelia Bravo Cabrera so he could get legal permission to reside in the United States.

Cabrara went missing on June 9 and has not been seen since, reports the Daily Mail. Investigators say they have evidence that she was murdered by Valdivia and his Mexican wife, Rosalina Lopez, 39.

The couple, who have been married since 2007, were arrested on Dec. 13. Valdivia was reportedly fresh out of jail on drug charges when he was arrested. He was suspected of growing marijuana, and was arrested after he failed to post his $1 million bond.

Cabrera, a mother of four, reportedly was aware that her marriage to Valdivia was a sham, but authorities say she was forced to remain in the relationship due to threats from Valdivia and Lopez, The Washington Post reports.

“We do believe the motive surrounds this relationship of three people,” Sheriff Mike Boudreaux declared. “We have a great deal of information. But, detectives have put me on notice that any release of information may [affect] the integrity of this case.”

Teresa Douglass, spokesperson for the sheriff,  said that detectives have “significant digital forensic evidence” that implicates the couple in the alleged murder of Cabrera. One piece of evidence is Cabrera's car, which was found burned in an orchard.

Lopez was arrested Dec. 13 in Goshen, California. She and her husband were jailed without bail, Douglass said.

As Sheriff Boudreaux summarized: “This is a very unique case in that there is not a body. With the evidence at the scene and what we’ve collected from the suspects, we’re confident that they’re the sole people responsible for her death.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Tulare County Sheriff's Office via The Washington Post

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