Mexican Hitwoman Alleges She Drank Human Blood


A hitwoman who formerly worked for one of Mexico's notorious drug gangs has alleged that she drank human blood and had sex with dead bodies.

Juana, 28, nicknamed La Peque, made the statements from a jail cell in Mexico's Baja California, Daily Mail reported.

At aged 15, Juana became pregnant by a man 20 years older than her. She had to work as a prostitute to support her child.

“Ever since I was a little girl I was a rebel, and then became a drug addict and an alcoholic,” Juana said.

She then became involved with the Zetas drug cartel. She started out as a lookout for the police and army, which meant she had to stand guard for eight hours. If she failed, she said she was tied up and fed only one taco per day.

She said she saw some gruesome incidents, including a man having his head split open by a mace.

“I remember feeling sad and thinking I did not want to end up like that,” Juana added.

She later lost her fear of blood. According to local media, Juana began to “feel excited by it, rubbing myself in it and bathing in it after killing a victim.”

“I even drank it when it was still warm,” she said.

In addition, reports suggested she used dead, headless bodies for sexual gratification.

Juana’s grizzly admissions come as another former Zetas member, Jose Luis Rodriguez, testified in a Texas courtroom against the cartel’s suspected war commander, Marciano Millan-Vasquez.

Although Millan-Vasquez alleges he was simply a poor rancher living on the U.S.-Mexico border, Rodriguez suggested otherwise. He told the court that Millan-Vasquez was a Zetas commander who ordered the deaths of hundreds of people.

One incident occurred in 2011, when Rodriguez alleged that the Zetas captured 300 people, including women and children, who were linked to a rival leader.

“They lined them up on their knees and just started shooting,” Rodriguez sais, according to KHOU. “Pum. Pum. Pum. Pum. Pum.”

Rodriguez also alleged Zetas members cooked their victims using diesel fuel.

Sources: Daily Mail, KHOU, News, / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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