Mexican Army Shoots at U.S. Citizens, Wounds One


Mexican soldiers recently opened fire on three U.S. citizens in El Sasabe, Sonora in Mexico, near the border of Sasabe, Ariz.

The U.S. is calling on Mexico's attorney general's office to investigate the shootings.

Jose Rodriguez, an U.S. citizen who was born in Mexico, says he and his friends were visiting his mother when Mexican soldiers shot him in the right arm.

"I had to crawl to a house, I was scared, I crawled," Rodriguez told KVOA from a hospital bed at the University of Arizona Medical Center.

Rodriguez, Gerardo Fuentes and a friend were drinking beer as they drove past a group of Mexican soldiers standing along the road in El Sasabe.

"That's when we started getting scared," Fuentes recalled. "Everyone went down. Then we heard a very horrible sound. The car started going to all the sides. It was very horrible and they started shooting even more and then we heard even more sounds and that's when my friend, Jose, said that he has been shot."

Mexican military officials claim the young men were trying to evade a military checkpoint.

"We didn't see no checkpoint," added Fuentes. "We didn't see no light or a signal where they had to make us because El Sasabe, Sonora, is dark."

Fuentes and the third young man left the scene and alerted Rodriguez's father, who went to his son and found the soldiers surrounding him.

Rodriguez's father took his son to the U.S. Port of Entry where a U.S. Border Patrol agent stabilized the young man. Rodriguez was then airlifted to University of Arizona Medical Center.

"It was wrong what they did," said Rodriguez. "They had no reason to shoot at us. We are three young men, we're not in the mafia or anything."

The U.S. Border Patrol has also been accused of shooting across the border and killing Mexicans (video below).

Democracy Now reported in 2013, "Over the past five years U.S. border agents have shot across the border at least 10 times, killing a total of six Mexicans on Mexican soil. The killings have gone unpunished after a court ruled the Mexican victims have no standing to sue in U.S. courts since they died on their own soil."

Sources: Democracy Now and KVOA


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