Mexican Amusement Park Has Illegal Border Crossing Attraction (Video)

An amusement park in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo has a new attraction that not all of the park’s visitors think sounds like fun. Visitors to Parque EcoAlberto have the chance to go on a three to four hour “Night Walk” that simulates an illegal border crossing from Mexico into the United States.

During the walk, guests go on a seven-mile hike where they climb fences, stay away from barking dogs and avoid flashlight beams and fake border patrol officers.

“There are a wide variety of unique, interesting and bizarre experiences being cooked up to put people through at amusement parks,” said the editor of Theme Park Insider, Robert Niles. “This goes beyond taking someone to a haunted house and having someone jump out at them; this is taking it a new level that we don’t ordinarily see.”

Park officials say they created the attraction to generate income for the community and give people who are considering an illegal crossing an idea of how dangerous it will be.

"Our objective is to stop the immigration that exists amongst our citizens, principally from the state of Mexico to the U.S," said Maribel Garcia, a park administrator.

A spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, is in favor of the attraction.

“If the intent is to discourage people from doing it – from risking their lives and violating immigration laws – then it’s a worthwhile attraction,” said Ira Mehlman, NBC News reported.

A video about the story is below:

Sources: NBC NewsPBS


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