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Mets Fan Says He Doesn't Regret World Series 'Champs' Tattoo (Photos)


Josh Davis, a college student in Hackettstown, New Jersey, got a tattoo of the Mets logo with "World Champs 2015" just hours before the first World Series game.

Davis, 22, reportedly felt comfortable getting the tattoo given the team’s National League championship victory.

“The way they beat the Cubs gave me that extra boost of confidence,” he told NBC New York.

Surprisingly, the idea wasn’t entirely impulsive; Davis said he’d had the idea for some time.

“Early on in the mid-season, when they were doing all right, I said if they make it to the World Series, I would tattoo them on me,” he said. “My friend said, 'If you're so confident, why don't you get 'World Series' tattooed with it?’”

Davis did just that, and even tweeted a photo for proof.

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After the Mets lost the championship, the young man said he was crushed but had no regrets.

“I'm not like 'Oh, my God, get this tattoo off me' at all,” he said.

Instead, he looks at it as a tribute to the hope he felt from his favorite team this season.

"That '5' could probably be turned into a '6' reasonably easily," USA Today Sports noted.

Sources: NBC New York, USA Today Sports / Photo credit: NBC New York, Kevin Hynson via Twitter


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