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Parents Find Bag Of Meth In Child's Halloween Candy (Photos)

Parents Find Bag Of Meth In Child's Halloween Candy (Photos) Promo Image

Parents at the Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin were shocked to find a small bag of meth mixed with their child's Halloween candy after a night of trick-or-treating. 

The child's parents called tribal police after they found the yellow bag, about the size of a quarter.

"It looked like a crystal type substance, subsequently was tested, and confirmed it was methamphetamine," said Tribal Emergency Management Coordinator Ben Warrington, according to WLUK.

The parents called police around 3 a.m., according to WFRV. The child had been trick-or-treating in Keshena, a town on the reservation about 45 miles northwest of Green Bay.

"I didn't go back to sleep after I heard about it, my mind started racing," Jerrit Okimosh, the administrator for the Menominee Detention Facility, told WFRV. "Why would something like this happen."

Police are still not certain if the meth was handed out on purpose or accidentally. 

"We're not sure, it does look like this is an isolated incident, we haven't received any other reports," Tribal Police Detective Josh Lawe told WLUK.

Out of an abundance of caution, police are encouraging parents to check their children's candy and then throw it all out if anything suspicious is found.

To make up for the lost candy, the community will be holding a special trick-or-treating event at the local college. 

The reservation has seen an increase in the use of meth, Tribal Police Chief Mark Waukau told WLUK.

"That's something we're seeing, like I said it's coming up more, we are making arrests, on the streets, and traffic stops," he said. 

The incident has shaken parents in Keshena.

"Had that parent not looked through they could have tasted it and it could have turned deadly," Lana Washinawatok told WFRV. "I get really angry because it is sad." 

One parent told WLUK their first instinct when they heard the news was to see if their children were OK.

"Checking it every one of them, all the kids' bags, you have to check now," another parent said.

The Menominee Tribe has recently been raising awareness for the drug problems faced by the reservation. WFRV reports the tribe has held sacred walks and lit a sacred fire.

Chief Waukau has also had discussions with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker about the opioid epidemic. WFRV reports tribal police have established a drug task force to help fight back.

"We would like to make some strong moves in our community to let [drug dealers] know this isn't acceptable," Washinawatok told WFRV.

Sources: WFRV, WLUK / Featured Image: Luke Jones/Flickr / Embedded Images: Menominee Tribal Police Department via WLUK (2)

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