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Meth Addict Steals Woman's Purse and Returns it With Touching Note of Apology

A meth addict returned a stolen purse to a Canadian woman with a heartfelt note inside, expressing regret and the hope that she will never do meth.

The woman thought that the bag she’d dropped, which contained her wallet and all her cards, was gone forever. But then the bank called a few days later to tell her someone had turned it in.

There was a note tucked into the inside. It read:

“I would like to apologize regarding picking up this wallet. I am addicted to crystal meth and it was my first reaction upon seeing it. The bank cards were not played around with nor would I sell your profile (IDs and such). Once again I’m sorry and I hope this gets back to you swiftly as it was the only way I thought to get it back to you. Please never do meth. I’m sorry.”

And on the back, according to Metro:

"You are very beautiful."

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Sources: Metro, Imgur


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