Meth Addict Quits: You Won't Believe The Difference A Year Later (Photos)


A former meth addict shared his before and after photo on Reddit on Dec. 28 following a year of being clean from his crystal methamphetamine addiction.

“‘I have been a drug user since the age of 14, but I started using meth when I was 18,” Ryan Harder told

“I’ve been sober since April 4, 2015," he added. "My family is very supportive and they are one of my biggest motivations for staying clean. I quit meth almost a year ago. It’s crazy how much can change.”

Here is Harder before he quit using meth, courtesy of Reddit:

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Harder, who had five arrests and two convictions during his time as a meth user, said he didn’t feel like he relied on meth at first -- thinking he had a “special or unique self-control.” Things quickly went downhill, and he became addicted.

Not only has his appearance changed, Harder said, but his outlook on life has improved as well.

“One of the greatest things about being clean is that I got to be sober to see my sister have her baby girl,” he said.

Here is Harder a year after he stopped using meth: 

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“I’m so excited to be an uncle and to be around again," Harder added. "It’s so sweet.”

“The difference is astonishing," one Reddit user wrote in response to Harder's transformation. "You look great. I would hate to see you go back to the old you. Do it for all of us that are rooting for you."

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