Meteorologist's Awesome Response To Viewer's Letter Criticizing Her Appearance


Tennessee meteorologist Julya Johnson received some unwanted fashion advice recently.

Johnson, who works for ABC affiliate WATE in Knoxville, Tennessee opened a handwritten letter last week from an anonymous viewer criticizing her on-air attire. 

The person behind the letter compliments Johnson on being “a great meteorologist” but proceeds to say, among other things, “Please change your appearance!!”

Here’s the full letter:

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The letter had no return address, so Johnson wasn't able to respond to the writer directly. Instead, she took to Facebook to defend her attire and it’s irrelevance to her work as a meteorologist.

Here is her response:

“So, it's not fun to wake up to things like this. No return address was left, so I'll address it here. I will never, ever be able to please everyone with my appearance. It's not possible. I have tried for 12 years on-air to do that.

“I have "changed my appearance" to try to please people before. It never works. So, I please myself. I like my dresses. I feel good about my appearance. I am always covered, dressed modestly and professionally. Yet, she mentions that I am a great meteorologist! And she also says I get "no compliments"? Does the fact that I bring an accurate forecast mean nothing?

"I was a straight A student. If I had known being on People's list of 'best dressed' mattered more than an accurate forecast, I could've saved a ton of money on that meteorology degree.

"Don't do this, people. Just don't. It's very rude. That's my opinion, and it is as valuable as anyone else's opinion."

Source: MailOnline


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