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Meteorologist Eric Holthaus Vows Never To Fly Again After U.N. Climate Change Report

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus, who has written about weather for the Wall Street Journal and Quartz, tweeted on Friday that he will never fly again after he read the report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The report found it “extremely likely” that humans are responsible for global warming trends over the last few decades.

“I just broke down in tears in boarding area at SFO while on phone with my wife. I've never cried because of a science report before. #IPCC,” Holthaus tweeted Friday afternoon.

Holthaus announced that he was through with air travel.

Minutes later he tweeted, “I realized, just now: This has to be the last flight I ever take. I'm committing right now to stop flying. It's not worth the climate.”

“We all have to do everything we can,” he wrote, “every day to reverse CO2 emissions. There is no other way that makes sense.”

Holthaus said he stopped eating meat and even decided not to have children in order to reduce his carbon footprint.

“All of our energy...each one of us...should be devoted to this issue,” he wrote. “Nothing else matters. It's a zero sum game.”

Many people responded to Holthaus with questions like, “So, for those of us who are parents...? Any thoughts?”

Another asked, “@EricHolthaus did you read the part where arctic ice is increasing? God made us to procreate, poop, breathe. Would He have if it was bad?”

According to, the greenest way to travel is by electric car. The second best way? Bus. A wide-body airplane, however, still emits less carbon that the same trip in a hybrid car.

“Why am I committing to not flying any more? Its [sic] the same reason I'm vegetarian: it's my biggest carbon footprint. #lastflight#climatechange,” he wrote.

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