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Metal 'Protest' Underwear from PETA is on the Way


By Karin Bennett

While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and privacy advocates play hot potahto over proposed full-body scans at airport security checkpoints, we at PETA say, "Bring 'em on." Pourquoi? Well, several reasons, really:

1) Heaven knows, we at PETA aren't shy about flashing a little skin in order to save animals.
2) Day in and day out, TSA employees face an endless line of frazzled fliers in dirty socks. No wonder they get so bored.
3) To save animals' lives, PETA is ready to liven things up at security checkpoints with our new (drum roll, please) …

Metal underwear! That's right: Coming soon to security checkpoints everywhere, TSA employees will get an eyeful of our message to NASA as caring individuals educate TSA employees about NASA's plans to blast as many as 30 monkeys with one huge dose of radiation. The agency will then imprison the animals by themselves in tiny steel cages and subject them to years of tests in order to assess how the radiation damages their brains and bodies. Unlike the rays emitted by airport body scans, this extreme radiation may cause brain tumors and other types of cancer.

Officials at the TSA have already been alerted that PETA's metal underwear is on the way. But we are wondering—will you expose TSA employees to the truth about NASA's experiments on your next flight?


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