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Metal Band Shuts Down Brewery After Spraying Pig Blood All Over Fans

A North Carolina brewery was forced to shut down for several days this week after a metal band performed there and sprayed real pig’s blood all over the audience.

The band, “Young and in the Way,” played in Asheville’s Lexington Avenue Brewery Sunday night. It was one of three bands performing during the “Empire Tattoo Party."

Employees were forced to contact the Buncombe County Health Department after the band sprayed blood everywhere.

The band Instagrammed a picture of the stage covered in a slimy red liquid.

"Great shot. Venue was not happy. Haha,” one fan commented.

LAB’s co-owner Mike Healy said they had no idea that the band would pull such a stunt.

"There was nothing in their rider [agreement with LAB] about what was going to occur," Healy said. "After the incident, they took all their equipment and wiped it down and left the place a disaster zone. Our staff was there until 2 or 3 in the morning cleaning and the next day.”

Healy said it was a terrible thing to do to his staff.

"They have kids, groceries and bills, and now they are out of work for several days," he told the Citizen-Times. "I will do everything that I can to compensate them."

The health department says there is no public health concern.

"There is no concern for food safety," said Sue Ellen Morrison, the lead communicable disease nurse for the health department. "It was nowhere near the kitchen area." 

"There was so much [blood] that we might have to rip out out the stage," Healy said. "It's a very dire situation."

Healy did not discuss whether any legal action will be taken against the band or Empire Tattoo parlor.

The brewery should reopen this weekend.

Sources: DC101, Citizen-Times


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