Meredith Watson Arrested for Pretending his Taser was a Penis


Meredith Watson was recently arrested after he went outside a bar with a Taser protruding from his pants, like a penis, and sparked the weapon at bystanders in Athens, Georgia.

The incident began when Watson arrived at the Roadhouse bar, intoxicated, and began to argue with his wife over his being drunk. The couple left the bar, still arguing, reports the Athens Banner-Herald.

However, Watson returned alone and placed a Taser stun gun on the counter and drank some more. 

According to the police report: “The [bartender] stated he went outside and put the Taser down to his pants and was acting like it was his penis. When people would walk by he would shock it at them and would come as close as arm’s reach from them and set the Taser off. He scared a few girls so much they crossed the street to get away.”

Watson was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication, and released when he posted an $1,000 bond.


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