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Mercedes Driver Shoots Rolls-Royce Driver in Miami Road Rage Incident (Video)

A man identified as Edward Zapata was shot during a road rage incident on Thanksgiving night, Nov. 26, in Miami. The shooting was caught on a surveillance video (below).

Zapata, 34, told 7News that he and another coworker were delivering a Rolls-Royce to a client when he thought a two-door Mercedes-Benz C-Class black sedan had hit the vehicle.

"So I got out of the car, thinking it was an accident," Zapata told the news station. "[I told the driver], 'You've got to be a little bit more careful, man. You almost caused a freak accident.'"

Zapata added that the driver of the Mercedes laughed, pulled a gun, shot him in the chest, and drove away.

"His life was not threatened in any way for him to pull a gun and shoot a man and leave him there on the road to die," Zapata said.

Zapata was taken to a local hospital where he had emergency surgery. Fortunately, the bullet missed Zapata's lungs.

Police are looking for a white Hispanic male in his 20s, who was allegedly driving the Rolls-Royce, according to NBC Miami.

Sources: 7News, NBC Miami / Photo Credit: 7News Screenshot

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