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Mentally Impaired Man Shot, Killed by Police (Video)

Troy Hart, a mentally impaired 27-year-old man with Kallmann syndrome, was shot and killed by police in Westland, Mich., last Saturday night at about 10 p.m.

Hart's mother, Cheryl, called the police after her son left their home while wearing only his pajama pants and carrying a hunting knife.

Westland police claim that Hart was threatening to kill people. However, Kallmann syndrome affects people's maturity levels, and Hart's family said he was like an 8-year-old.

"With his impairment, he did not have a filter, so he would just blurt things out – inappropriate things," Cheryl told My Fox Detroit (video below).

"I called 911 and told them that my handicapped son was out in his PJ's, could you bring him home or take him to a psychiatric ward to get an evaluation?" added Cheryl.

Hart and his older brother were arguing on a street corner when the police arrived.

"When [the police] saw the knife, they told him to put it down, but they continued to move forward even though they saw the knife," recalled witness Anthony Like. "That's what led to them shooting him – when he put it up."

WXYZ reports that police claim it was Hart who charged them, causing the cops to open fire.

Hart's family is planning to hire a lawyer and sue the Westland Police Department, which is currently investigating the incident.

Sources: WXYZ, My Fox Detroit


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