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Mentally Ill Woman Gunned Down By Police In Long Beach, Calif. (Video)

A woman in Long Beach, Calif., was shot multiple times by police after she walked toward cops while carrying a fake gun. She survived, but the whole thing was caught on video.

Police fired a barrage of bullets following a three-hour standoff with Adeline Arroyo, 32, when she refused to drop her weapon while walking toward them in Long Beach on Saturday, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Her relatives say she has been struggling with mental illness for a long time and suffers from schizophrenia, according to the Daily Mail. They say police should have found a less violent way of keeping her under control without shooting her.

CBS LA cameras were filming as Arroyo pulled out what looks like a pistol from her jacket as she walked casually toward a crowd of police officers with their guns pointed in her direction, the New York Daily News reported.

However, before Arroyo could get any closer, police officers gunned her down with a hail of bullets at Third St. and Long Beach Blvd.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she is expected to survive and is currently recovering.

Police have determined that Arroyo’s handgun was a replica of a Beretta semi-automatic pistol.

“She had a hard life,” Arroyo’s aunt told CBS LA, but claimed she was harmless. “She had a nervous breakdown. She was going through some things ... she just wasn’t well yet. But she loved her family very much.”

Arroyo was forced to leave her husband and daughter and has been living with her aunt ever since. Family say that she slipped out of the home while her aunt was in the bathroom.

Jim McDonnell, Long Beach Police Chief, said officers had no other choice but to shoot Arroyo.

“If the person has a handgun and they point that in our direction, less lethal is not appropriate – you have a lethal threat,” he said.


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