Mentally Ill Latvian Woman Admits To Burying Her Newborn Alive In London


A mentally ill Latvian woman has admitted to burying her newborn baby alive in London, England.

A court was told that Elita Amantova, 39, was living off berries and bread left out for birds in London’s Tooting Common before she gave birth to the child in 2012.

The tragic death was discovered after a fox dug up the baby and dumped body parts in a nearby tractor yard, according to the Daily Mirror.

Amantova admitted to the infanticide of her baby and was sentenced to a hospital order.

She had been diagnosed with a schizophrenia-type mental condition in Latvia in her 30s but it was exacerbated by childbirth, the court was told.

Amantova had been in the U.K. for two years and worked as a prostitute living in Norfolk, but later moved to London where she was known to sleep rough in a burial ground in Garratt Lane, the Wandsworth Guardian reports.

On Sept. 10, 2012, a baby leg and foot was found on the ground in Tooting and the baby was later discovered. Amantova was arrested on Sept. 17, 2012, and she was charged with murder.

According to the BBC, the leg was infested with maggots and doctors say that the child had been dead for nearly two weeks.

The woman had given birth without any help, later admitting to a doctor that the child had been alive when she buried it.

At Friday’s hearing, the prosecution accepted her plea of not guilty to murder but guilty to infanticide.

Sources: Daily MirrorWandsworth GuardianBBC / Photo Credit: Raymondo166/Flickr Creative Commons,


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