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Mentally Disabled Mother Held Captive for Two Years, Treated as Slave

Three people are being charged with keeping a mentally disabled mother and her 6-year-old daughter captive for two years.

Jordie L. Callahan, Jessica Hunt and Daniel Brown are accused of terrorizing the woman and her daughter in various ways, including taunting them with pit bulls and pythons.

They also forced the mother to beat her own child on camera.

The mother was used as a slave, as they forced her to clean and shop for them. She and her daughter were kept in a locked basement.

Prosecutors say the trio also cashed the woman's monthly disability check and used the money to buy their pain pills, which they all were addicted to. 

All three are facing federal charges of kidnapping and extortion. Callahan also faces three counts of weapons possession.

The house they kept the woman at was in Ashland, Ohio, the same state where three women were held captive for ten years.

Police say the mother has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old due to a brain injury she sustained while she was a teen. 

Authorities were able to get the mother out of the house when she escaped and got arrested on purpose by stealing a candy bar. 

She and her daughter are now in protective state custody.

Sources: NY Daily News, AP


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