Men Who Gang Raped A Mother Receive 50 Years In Jail Combined


Three British men convicted of gang-raping a mother while her baby slept nearby will receive 50 years in jail combined.

"I hope the lengthy sentences passed to these offenders will encourage any victim of sexual assault or abuse to report their ordeal to police so they can be investigated thoroughly,” Detective Constable Ben Andreas said, the Daily Mirror reports.

Charlie Jones, 28, entered the 21-year-old mother’s home under false pretenses in October 2014.

There, Jones, Joseph Noye, 27, and 36-year-old James Wilson raped the woman repeatedly over the course of five days.

The woman says during the ordeal she sent her child to school, Get Surrey reports. She was too scared to tell others what was happening for fear social services would take her child away.

In addition, she explains she was already trying to recover from a mentally abusive relationship. Indeed, it was this experience that made it difficult for her to say no to the rapists.

"I felt a bit scared I wasn't going to be able to stop it from happening," she said.

“My ex partner was mentally abusive towards me. I didn't have the power to stop my ex partner being the way he was to me…I had to do what he wanted to or he'd kick up a threat,” the victim added.

After the rape, the woman was sent to the hospital due to injuries they’d inflicted upon her.  The victim says she still suffers physically from the experience.

She believes the ordeal traumatized her. Since then, the victim has moved away from the area even though it was where she grew up.

 "I would often have images of Charlie Jones standing at the bottom of my bed while I was in bed. My mental health has not been stable and I am still on medication,” the mother said during the trial.

"I have difficulty and struggle talking to men. I find it hard to trust men now. To try and cope with what has happened to me, I have tried to pretend that it hasn't. What has happened to me has turned my life upside down and I'm now working to try and rebuild it."

Sources: The Daily MirrorGet Surrey / Photo credit: SWNS via The Daily Mirror

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