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Man Beats Elderly Disabled Man In Parking Spot Fight

Police in Fairfield, California, are searching for a man who dragged an elderly disabled man from his car and beat him to the ground.

A witness says the fight broke out over a handicapped parking spot in a Wal-Mart parking lot on Sept. 13, reports KTXL. The elderly man confronted the suspect and his girlfriend and accused her of illegally parking in the spot.

"All of a sudden, the guy just attacked him, older gentleman," witness Chris Bennett said. "Opened up his door, grabbed him around his neck, punched him a couple of times."

Bennett and his girlfriend, Suzie Fowler, were in shock as they watched the assault happen. Fowler filmed the incident on her phone right after the victim's head hit the ground. 

Bennett, who is disabled himself, quickly stepped in to help the victim and stop the attack, notes Mad World News.

"I got the suspect off of the victim," Bennett recalled. 

After Bennett helped stop the assault, the suspect turned to Fowler and told her to stop recording.

"I'll do what I wanna do," she replied in the video. "I have my dog in the back of the car. I have a pit bull."

The suspect and his girlfriend then left the scene in separate cars.

Fairfield police are using surveillance video to find the suspect and are asking for the public's help in the search.

"We're following up on the information that we do have," said Fairfield Officer Cade Beckwith. "We definitely want to know if anyone knows these people that are involved."

Bennett had a message for the suspect.

"I want you to turn yourself in, 'cause next time you might not be so lucky," he said.

Sources: KTXL, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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