Men’s Rights Movement Leader Says He Doesn’t Care About Rape Victims (Video)

John Hembling is the controversial online leader of the Men’s Rights Movement and the editor of the widely-read website A Voice for Men, which bashes women with a condescending and pseudo-intellectual tone.

Last year, Hembling wrote on A Voice for Men:

I’m not suggesting here that women, as a demographic, are immoral, although a surface reading of behavior might sometimes lead to that impression. Rather, they are amoral – simply lacking in a moral or an ethical compass. … With a small number of exceptions, western women have collectively demonstrated themselves to be unequipped with a grasp of personal accountability, ethics, compassion, or empathy.

The Daily Beast reports that the controversial website gets more than half a million page hits a month and is "reviled by feminist bloggers."

A Voice for Men also created a website, Register-Her.com, that lists about 80 women who have allegedly made false charges of rape against men.

The website includes the caption "Why are these women not in prison?" and pictures of women with the words "False Accuser" written on them. The site allows users to register females who have supposedly made false accusations of rape.

Hembling also created a video (below) in which he claims not “give a f--- about rape victims anymore."

Sources: The Daily Beast, Register-her.com,A Voice for Men


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