Men Play With Alligator At Texas Crawfish Festival And One Gets Bitten (Video)

Two men who treated an alligator like a puppy at the annual Texas Crawfish and Music Festival in Old Town Spring, Texas, got a cruel reminder not to play and tease wild animals.

The trainer, who is with Gator Country, a company based in Beaumont, Texas, and another man put on a show on April 25 in front of more than 100 people in which they tapped the alligator on its snout and went as far as closing its mouth shut, reports ABC 13. The show, which was filmed by Monique Gongora (video below), went on without incident for a few seconds.

But it only took about 22 seconds for the alligator to realize it didn't have to serve as a source of entertainment, reports 10 News. The animal bit the trainer on the arm and latched on hard enough to shake the man's body.

"He didn't even get one stitch," owner Gary Saurage said of the trainer. "But I guarantee this: he's sore this morning. He won't make this mistake again."

Saurage blamed the incident on miscommunication between the two men. 

"They didn't talk to each other right," he said. "The guy in front says, 'Are you ready?' The guy in back thought he said, 'Go.' We're humans and what we do is get complacent sometimes."

Sources: ABC 13, 10 News

Photo Credit: Screen Capture Via YouTube

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