Men Outraged Over App Lulu That Lets Women "Rate" Guys

An app that many are calling the “Yelp for Guys” has been criticized recently for being shallow and sexist, as it allows women to rate the men they date.

Lulu was launched in America this week, and is described as a smartphone app that allows women to anonymously rate and review the guys they have dated.

Women describe the men by using hashtags, like #HandyMan or #CheaperThanABigMac.

But men have, understandably, expressed negativity towards it.

One man said, “If I tried to do something like this for men to review women, I’d have a billion fire-breathing feminists down my neck quicker than I can say Germaine Greer.”

Another reviewer said, “Everyone deserves a new start with every relationship and this app keeps that from happening.”

Many claim the app will give women a false idea of who the man is, and will result in petty gossip and rumors.

“This is such a shallow app. I’m sure girls will think its entertaining until they’re constantly obsessing about their rating and what guys are saying about them on their lulu app. It’s a sneaky and shallow way to gossip about people,” one reviewer wrote.

The app’s creators were aware of its ability to spread negativity, so they limited the qualities a woman can assign to a guy. Hashtags #BelievesInLove and #HandyMan were some positive ones, while #LoserFriends and #CheaperThanABigMac were two of the most negative ones.

Creator Alexandra Chong said she wanted to keep the app “lighthearted and not cruel.”

She was inspired to create it when she dated a man who was not her type but “could be perfect for someone else.”

She said the app is designed to be a “discreet, private space for girls to talk about the most important issues in their lives: their relationships.”

Chong believes the app will give women a much needed platform for relationship chat.

Last year, it was launched in the UK. After it was launched in the US this week, it had 75,000 downloads and garnered over 140,000 man reviews since Tuesday.

In the FAQ section of the app, it says it aims to tell “you the stuff you want to know: is he a heartbreaker or your future husband?”



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