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Men Hospitalized After Eating Chocolate From Denver ‘Pot Pavilion’ Where Marijuana Was Banned (Video)

Three men were hospitalized after eating chocolate bars from the Denver County Fair’s “Pot Pavilion,” although fair organizers had said no marijuana would be allowed at the event.

The Denver County Fair featured a pavilion where contestants were awarded a Blue Ribbon for “Best Marijuana Plant” and others competed at “speed rolling,” but no items were supposed to contain any drugs.

In a press release prior to the event, organizers announced “in compliance with Denver’s new laws, there will be no marijuana allowed on the premises during this event.”

Three men were given chocolate bar samples marked “FULL MELT” and stamped with pot leaves on the top.

Richard Jones of Arvada told 7 News Denver that he ate a sample bar from a vendor called LivWell and became sick shortly thereafter.

“I was given one of these, it looked just like that,” Jones told the station. “They were giving out samples and they made sure to tell us that the samples are just a sample of their chocolate, that doesn’t have any THC in it, and the guy went so far as to let us know if we came into the store, the ones in the store would taste different.”

An hour after eating the bar, Jones became dizzy, sweaty, nauseous and afraid he was having a heart attack or stroke.

He was taken to a local hospital where tests showed he had more than 100 nanograms of THC in his system – 20 times the legal limit to drive.

“I essentially ate 10 doses at once, never having THC in my system ever before,” Jones said.

Jones says he wants to be reimbursed for his medical expenses.

“We are aware that someone made a complaint to 7NEWS alleging that chocolate samples distributed at the Denver County Fair contained cannabis,” LivWell said in a statement. “If this occurred it was without our knowledge and was not sanctioned by our company. We are currently investigating the matter.”

Denver police and the Marijuana Drug Enforcement division are investigating the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail7 News Denver

Image screenshot: 7News, Livwell Evans


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