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Jury: Men Not Guilty In Crucifixion Incident

Four British men were cleared of the most serious charges against them after they were accused of bullying a teenager by mock crucifying him and drawing phalluses on his face.

It took less than a day for the jury to find the quartet -- Andrew Addison, 30, Joseph Rose, 21, Christopher Jackson, 22, and Alex Puchir, 37 -- not guilty of religious aggravated assault, the most serious charge in the case, according to the York Press.

The men worked for Direct Interior Solutions, a U.K. shopfitting company. They were part of a team that traveled to different stores in the U.K. to redesign interior spaces and were accused of bullying the then-18-year-old victim when he joined the team as an apprentice in 2014.

While Jackson and Puchir were found not guilty on all charges, Addison and Rose were each found guilty of lesser charges and will be sentenced in July. Rose was convicted of putting the apprentice in fear of violence by harassment, while Addison was found guilty of an assault charge.

"You have been convicted of a very unpleasant offense," Judge Paul Batty told Addison and Rose, according to the York Press. "I have not decided what to do with you yet. Each of you should have known better."

The case drew national and international attention because of the severity and religious nature of the alleged "pranks," which is how the defendants described their behavior, the Telegraph noted.

In one case, the foursome allegedly fashioned a makeshift cross out of pieces of wood and plasterboard and then "crucified" the victim by duct-taping his hands and feet to the cross and suspending it above the ground.

In another incident, one of the men allegedly aimed the flame from an aerosol can and cigarette lighter at the victim, narrowly missing him. From July 2014 to April 2015, the co-workers continued their "pranks," giving the victim wedgies and drawing religious symbols and phalluses on his face while he was sleeping.

Addison and Rose were both free on bail pending their sentencing hearing in July.

Sources: York Press, Telegraph / Photo credit: Daily Record

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