Men Filming Erratic Driver End Up in Horrific Crash (Video)


Delivery truck workers Kevin Denney and Kaecieo Bass were following a female driver who was swerving erratically on a road in Fayette County, Pa., on Monday.

According to, Bass, the passenger, recorded the swerving car with his cell phone (video below).

"No, no, no, no, wake up now!" yells Bass when the car crosses the center line and almost hits another vehicle. "Please get home safe, whoever you are."

"I wish it wasn't out of the way, I'd follow," adds Denney.

Suddenly, the car turns left in front of an oncoming truck.

The female driver is clipped by the truck, which crosses the center line and crashes into the truck carrying Denney and Bass.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but police are investigating the incident.

“She was actually coming home from working the midnight shift and was extremely tired. The two gentlemen behind her saw she was driving erratically,” Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Stephanie Lucas told WPXI.

"A lot of times, the way a person drives when tired is very similar to how they would drive under the influence," added Trooper Lucas.

The female driver may be charged with minor traffic violations.

Bass was asked why he filmed the erratic driver instead of calling 911.

“I was trying to get her license plate because we were going to call 911 right then and there, but we couldn’t get close enough to see,” stated Bass.

Sources:, WPXI


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