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'Faster! Faster!': Men Encounter Creepy 'Ghost' While Driving (Video)

A strange clip shows what some believe to be a ghost standing in the middle of a deserted road and chasing after a car.

Two men allegedly captured the video, which has quickly gone viral, while sitting in a car in the middle of the night on an abandoned road in Lancashire, England. While the authenticity of the clip has not been confirmed, the disturbing image has many believing that the men behind the camera caught a ghost on film.

The mysterious figure appears to be dressed in white, and as the men in the car come upon it walking down the road, it suddenly turns its head towards the car and starts heading towards the men.

“Move the car backwards!” one of the men yells in Arabic. “Faster! Faster!”

Most people who have watched the video don’t seem to believe that it’s real, but many have still acknowledged how creepy the encounter is, even if it was the work of a committed prankster.

“Even though I don’t think that it’s real, it’s still creeped me out a little bit!” commenter Jessica Millington wrote, according to The Lancashire Telegraph. “I wouldn’t want to be followed by something looking like that whether it was real or not!”

The figure, which was discovered on a road between Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire, is now being called the “Blackburn Ghost.”

Check out the disturbing clip below.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Metro UK, The Lancashire Telegraph / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, The Lancashire Telegraph


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