Men In BMW Throw Eggs At Sleeping Homeless Man


Two men in a BMW pelted a homeless man with eggs while he slept in the doorway of a church, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The victim said the attack occurred shortly before 4:45 a.m. on Wednesday.

Witnesses told police the men were driving a silver BMW with tinted windows. The car had reportedly circled the block 30 minutes prior to the incident and came back.

A witness flagged down nearby police.

Police have been unable to find the BMW or the men inside, who were reportedly in their 20s.

In November, a homeless man sleeping outside the same church was attacked by a group of men who beat him with a stick simply for being homeless.

"You're homeless; I'm going to beat your [expletive]," one of the attackers said.

Those men were never apprehended.

Sources: KOMO News, Silobreaker


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