Men Arrested by Police for Filming Near Beach (Video)

A group of filmmakers, who call themselves "UhOh Monkey," were arrested while filming from a public observation deck near Deerfield Beach, Fla., on Nov. 3, 2013.

The men recently uploaded a mini-documentary of the incident on YouTube (video below).

According to PhotographyisNotaCrime.com, the men were originally confronted by Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Branden Hays who is on the "Brady List."

The Brady List is generated by the Florida State Attorney's Office to identify law enforcement who "are under criminal investigation or have been convicted of crimes, or are under investigation in a police involved shooting," notes the Sun Sentinel.

Deputy Hays told the men they were required to have a film permit, but PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com notes that Florida law (Sec. 20-261.) applies to "still or moving pictures that involve the use of special settings, structures or apparatus, or the performance of a cast of persons, either amateur or professional or the posing of professional models..."

The law also states that it does "not apply to nor in any way restrict the use of cameras by amateur or professional photographers not using set scenery, casts or models."

Deputy Hays reportedly accused the men of trespassing on the deck after sunset, but the men claim there were no signs posted at the time of their arrest.

According to PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com, "Two days after the arrest, the observation deck was added to the list of 24 city parks that shut down after sunset."

Later, more deputies arrive on the scene, which becomes tense when the officers keep telling the men not to film them. The men say the deputies destroyed and confiscated their equipment, and roughed them up, some of which appears to be caught on the video.

The men wrote on YouTube:

All charges against us were dropped but we're still affected by this incident and believe justice should be served... We still haven't gotten compensated for the damaged equipment and also lost three months of work since all of our equipment got seized. We need a civil rights attorney who can help us with this case.

Sources: PhotographyisNotaCrime.com, Sun Sentinel


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