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Memphis Teen Posts Pics Of Guns And Drugs Hours Before Being Shot Dead By Friend

A Memphis teen posted a series of photos showing off a collection of guns, drugs and cash mere hours before his best friend killed him as they played with one of the guns.

Cartrail Robertson was only 13 years old, but somehow was able to get a hold of numerous of weapons. In one picture he posted on Facebook on Monday, he is seen holding a .357Magnum pistol in one hand, a wad of $100 bills in the other, all while smoking marijuana.

Authorities say Robertson was shot dead by his 15-year-old friend Darrin Wilson on Tuesday morning. It is believed they were playing with the gun at around 3 a.m. at another friend’s house when the weapon accidentally went off.

Wilson was arrested and taken to juvenile detention. He is charged with reckless homicide, according to ABC News.

Vince Higgins of the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office said the investigation as to how the two young teens got a hold of the guns is still on going.

Officers are also investigating other photos uploaded by the two friends where they throw out apparent gang signs and wave semi-automatic weapons.

One photo shows a teen pointing a gun into the face of another.

Neighbors said they were shocked to hear about the incident and to hear how young the victim was.

“Thirteen. Still a baby,” Walter Holston said, according to the New York Daily News.

Sources: ABC News, New York Daily News


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