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Memphis Man Who Defends His Cookie Store With A Gun Might Lose Lease

A Tennessee man who chased three thieves  from his store with a 9 mm handgun might lose his lease because his shop is located in a mall that has a “no firearm” policy. After the three men stole $45 from the cash register of his cookie store, the business owner chased them in to the parking lot of the Southland Mall in Memphis and fired three warning shots from his gun. There were no injuries, but that might not affect the status of his lease.

“Bringing a gun and then pulling it out in front of a bunch of people that’s setting a bad example for your company,” said Phil Ross of Memphis. “It could have been a smarter way for it but I guess it’s just a quick reaction based on his instincts and all that. You getting away with my stuff that I worked for and you trying to take it and think I’m not fixing to do nothing about it.”

The mall employs 13 security guards and the Memphis Police Department’s South Precinct is located close by.

The mall is sensitive to issues involving firearms because a security guard was killed there in 2010. The mall has been working to establish itself as a safe place ever since.

“He could have hit anybody," said another Memphis resident. "There are a lot of kids out here in this area, especially around this time at that mall.”

Police are still looking for the three suspects. Management has not yet made an official decision about the status of the store owner’s lease.

Sources: The Blaze, WREG


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