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Man Who Fathered At Least 26 Kids With 15 Different Mothers Bails On Child Support

If your nickname is the “Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever,” there’s a good chance you’re not doing much right in life. In the case of Memphis, Tennessee, man Terry Turnage, it’s pretty easy to see how he’s earned this moniker.

Turnage is in the news for the second time in two years for reportedly fathering an absurd amount of children and refusing to pay child support for them. According to WREG, Turnage has at least 26 different kids with 15 different mothers.

When these women meet Turnage, he introduces himself as a wealthy club owner named TYB. TYB wears designer fashion, drives luxury cars and parties like the elite. But soon after the women become pregnant with TYB’s children, a different persona emerges. This new identity is Terry Turnage, the cash-strapped man who shows up to court in rags and can’t afford to pay child support.

The mother of one of Turnage’s children, Miesha Davis, found out about his reckless ways when she called the local Department of Child Services.

“When I called. She was like, ‘Who?’ I said Terry T. Turnage. She was like, ‘He’s famous,'” Davis told WREG. She was then told her child was Turnage’s 26th and that Turnage has three other children the same age as hers.

When another mother, Paula Stewart, called Turnage and told him to report to the courthouse for a child support hearing, she got a familiar answer.

From WREG:

Paula: Dude, don’t play stupid.
TYB: Paula?
Paula: Pau-la!
TYB: Paula, what’s up?
Paula: Where you at?
TYB: What’s up?
Paula: Aint you supposed to be up here?
TYB: I’m supposed to be up where?
Paula: Up here at the courthouse.
TYB: What am I supposed to be up there for?
Paula: You know what you’re supposed, so you ain’t get your papers?
TYB: (click)
Paula: He hung up.

Paula and Davis, who were both interviewed at the same time by WREG, say their warnings to other women in the area fall on deaf ears.

“We be trying to warn females, some females or other people that be coming to us asking about him, but they don’t listen,” Davis says. “They don’t listen at all.”

Source: WREG

Photo credit: WREG, Fox 2 Now


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