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Memphis Cop Convicted of Robbing Motorists

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Carlton Moore, formerly an officer with the Memphis Police Department,
pleaded guilty on Thursday in federal court in Memphis, Tenn., to three
counts of violating civil rights for stealing money from motorists
while acting under color of law. Moore faces up to three years in

Moore admitted that on March 1 and March 14, 2008, and again on May 4,
2009, he surreptitiously stole cash from three Latino drivers he pulled
over while on duty as a Memphis police officer. During these stops,
Moore ordered the victims out of their vehicles, patted them down and
removed personal items from them during the search. He then stole money
from the victims before returning their personal items and releasing

"Police officers who abuse their authority for personal gain will be
vigorously prosecuted," said Loretta King, Acting Assistant Attorney
General for the Civil Rights Division. "Our laws give every American a
fundamental right not to be victimized by rogue police officers."

"Officer Moore dishonored his badge and his fellow officers when he
chose to steal from innocent immigrants during traffic stops.
Protecting the rights of every person from abuse committed by public
officials is of the highest priority of this office," said Larry
Laurenzi, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee.

"Our citizens have a right to ethical treatment from all law
enforcement officers and we, as civil servants, must never forget that
we have sworn an oath to serve and protect them," said My Harrison,
Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Memphis Field Office.

"We have a responsibility to our citizens, visitors and the outstanding
members of the Memphis Police Department. We will not tolerate those
who dishonor our badge by criminal activity. Mr. Moore admitted to
robbing Hispanic members of our community while on-duty, in uniform and
in a marked squad car," said Larry A. Godwin, Director of the Memphis
Police Department. "After initiating this investigation, we worked in
conjunction with the FBI to capture Moore as he committed the crime. We
police our own and criminals wearing our badge will be aggressively
pursued just as any other criminal in Memphis."


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